Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Soulmate *only ENG*

Is it really rare with people to find their personal soulmate?...

It is a feeling of absolute honesty mixed with eternal love. A feeling to remember, for sure.  A feeling no one can ever forget, no one can ever hide in the depths of their soul; those glances you share, those long looks- how the shiver goes down your spine- while your souls unisonally collide.

I can’t forget him- it is pitiful how I struggle to save every little moment we had. It really is. 

If you were looking at me right now, you would clearly see how I brush through my hair with my fingers; how I desperately try to grab hold of his phantom in my own mind and soul. My heart is pumping through my veins, sighing, aching, grieving for his love.

I still see my reflection in his vivid blue eyes. The pain takes over me, while I remember his whisper, his voice, his look, oh God how he could look at me with those eyes full of love….made me to feel so dizzy.

I do smile through tears-even though my hair almost hides everything. Please don’t stare at me, dear stranger. Let me fall alone into that deep well of my bittersweet memories.

I know that moment will come, when I will have to release you, honey. I know it will be the best for me, but I am not ready yet. Though my pain is almost gone, I still feel how my heart begin to beat faster if I see a man walking down the street, that looks like you; or has the same name. How you dare? How you really dare to enter my life like this, without any knocking? Without ever really saying goodbye? You haunt me, like a storm in the desert, pouring the cold rain on my thirsty skin, healing my wounds, and making new ones.

Your brilliance is too outstanding. You are a diamond for me, somebody whom I will always recognize even amongst millions of people. I knew you were special, but will you ever find somebody for whom you will be so special as you were for me?....I do hope so. But I can’t be sure. I can’t be. I don’t want to be.

A cold drop is landing on my hot skin; I look up on the dark sky and smile. The storm is coming. The only kind of weather I love. 

The only one I feel I belong to.

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