Sunday, September 23, 2012

I was that kind of girl-
who thought it's all the same;

I was that kind fo girl- who
knew she was insane.

I treated things as if I knew
That they will never change,

I tried to see past memories
I tried to walk through edge.

But it was there, strange, unseen
As miracle of youth

That borderline of life, of mine,
And I just wasn't loath-

To do, to think, to understand
I just wanted to stop.

And time was floating though my hands
Screaming for me, - "just drop!"

Drop away all that misery,
release the past and save that good

That came into your life so truly
With no hint of dark mood.

Please, dear, be my sweetest dream,
you lonely, lonely heart...

Forget your suffrage, all those thorns
Don't be so torn apart.

Look! Dream! Blink! Laugh!
No matter what they say.

I heard the words. I felt his touch.
My soul  felt him  pray.

I breathed this air as a newborn
I coulnd't let the minute past

I opened my eyes. Yes I did!
I was awake at last!....